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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Need TPR? Whole Brain Teaching


  Whole Brain Teaching is a strategy created and developed by Chris Bifle.  It is a  strategy that helps students to engage all parts of their brain in instruction. Its a great way to enforce some TPR (Total Physical Response).  WBT (Whole Brain Teaching) has several techniques: 5 rules, Class/Yes, Teach/Ok, Brainies, Mirror/Mirror with words, etc...... I have been using this strategy for the past 8 years. Their are tons of videos on the techniques I have mentioned. So in a nut shell! Why TPR (Total Physical Response) in your classroom. It's extremely engaging, fun, ensures learning is taking place, and decreases time for off task behavior.  Check out this video of Chris Bifle and some Whole Brain Teaching in action:   


LittleZebraDragons said...

I teach English online to children in China. It is complete immersion. TPR is so helpful.

Holly Souzey said...

How do you use TPR?