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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Easy Method to Provide your child with Learning

     While your child is out of school, take this time to have some fun with learning or even give your child choice. You may not have curriculum, books, or their teacher in front of you, but there is a method we use in the classroom. Children love this method because, it's a time to be creative and guide their own learning. Research-based learning is not new but it can help you with all of this time off from school. It's easy, just ask your child what do they want to learn about. They'll say something off the wall. That's ok because, at least you know they will like it. Then you ask, what do you want to know about that. They will tell you more. Now take this information and find safe educational sites that will give them that information. Make sure it's at your child's reading level. Just google their topic and loads and loads of information will come up. This is a way to use technology without them watching their tablets all day. They can research anything from their favorite type of insect to their favorite rainforest creature. You can also chunk the research by week by themes. One week insects or another week animals. It's really up to your little one's curiosity. Here is a project I did with a Kindergarten class that was theme/research-based. We explored the Rainforest through literature and science. You can also incorporate arts and crafts. Children love it and will be engaged in their craft for hours.

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