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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Dealing with Quarantine using Riddles!!!

    We all know that  COVID-19 has presented some challenges for the family. Families all over the world have to stay inside and have had to adjust to a new kind of normal. It's difficult trying to juggle working at home, homeschooling, and rearrange schedules. This new normal can be a strain on relationships and very frustrating for children. I don't have all the answers but I have been observing how my family is learning to cope. Currently, I have a 5 year old, a college student and an elderly parent all in the same home. This was very challenging for me but my son has come up with a way to bring us together in a positive way, repair our relationships, entertain all of us at the same time and get this without electronics. Now, I am not knocking social media because, we do use Zoom and Facebook to keep constant contact with family that live out of town.
   Riddles, Yes riddles, sounds boring but let me show you how it's helping my family overcome the whole COVID-19 quarantine.  Riddles have several mental health benefits and relationship building all in one.  First, riddles allows creativity and critical thinking that is beneficial for young children, adults, and the elderly. Next, riddles forces quality time with family but not in a coercive manner. Finally, riddles help relieve stress and brings us in the hear and now.
Creativity and Critical Thinking
    My son has been creating riddles and asking us to solve them.  Then we all get a chance to create one for everyone else to solve.  My daughter, who is only five years old, says it makes her think like she's in school.  Riddles make you think critically.  Thinking critically makes you happier and improves relationships.
Quality Time
        Riddles create quality time with the entire family.  Everyone can participate.  My son is 20, My daughter is 5. I am 40 and my mother is 71. We can all participate together.  It's hilarious hearing my 5 year old come up with a riddle that none of us can solve.
 Relieves Stress
    Riddle relieve the stress of being inside all day especially when everyone is on a different age level. It brings us to a common ground. We always end up laughing when we finally hear the silly or practical answers to riddles that seem impossible.  Laughing releases the feel good endorphins in the brain which relieve pain and gives feelings of pleasure.
     Finally, you can make up your own riddles or you can visit GetRiddles .  Get Riddles has 1000s of riddles for every age level or topic. It also has riddles by subject area. So really riddles can be entertaining or educational without your family even noticing. You can also print the riddles out, place in a hat and everyone can take turns pulling out a riddle. Here's  a quick quide about using riddles during COVID-19 Using Riddles during Quarantine

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