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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Your Child's Reading Level Matters!!!

   This year has been a crazy one but I'm still here and my child's reading levels matters.  My child's school district started a new curriculum and I was so excited about it because, this was my daughters first year in school. She loves her teacher and her school. Then COVID-19 happened and I, a teacher by profession was challenged to homeschool my own child. I really had to get to know my child academically and psychologically because, the truth is most of her day was at school with her teacher.

  So, my girl has done really well and at first I didn't have any concerns. Then COVID-19 happened and I realized that my daughter had some deficits in reading. Except the only thing is she looked good on paper in the area of reading. That's when I realized I really needed to find out her reading level. There are two main reasons why you should know your child's reading levels. First, it will build their confidence in reading and you the parent will be better equipped to help your child grow.

   Young children love one on one learning with their most favorite people in the world, their parents.   Knowing their reading level is key because, they will be reading text that is developmentally appropriate for them.  This means it won't be too hard nor too easy. Knowing their reading level gives them enough room to have victory and thrive at the same time.  Reading too far above their level will destroy their confidence and love for reading.  You don't have to tell them what level they are on necessarily. The level is for you the parent to know to help your child grow.

Knowledge is Power
    You have the power to help your child. You are not helpless or defeated. Ask questions and search for the answers you need to help your child.  Think about it, knowing your child's reading level will make reading a breeze especially when you go to the library or you want to purchase books at the book fair.  Keep in mind that you are building them academically but also emotionally.  I can tell you as a teacher that most of  my students loved their small group reading time. They get more of me and get to connect on a more personal level. That's where I hone in and build there confidence with praise, fun games, but most of all with books they can read mostly on their own.

How to Find your Childs Reading Level
   Below is a guide to help you find your child's reading level in 3 easy steps. I know you probably do not have leveled books at home but in the guide there is a link to plenty of free leveled books. Also, Reading A-Z is a great site to find leveled readers for your little one. It is not free but they do have a free 14-Day trial. This gives you a chance to explore the site to see if it's a good fit for your child.   It has printable pdf books sorted by level. Along with each book, there is practice worksheets that focus on comprehension, phonics, and writing.

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