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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

5 Virtual Classrooms with 32 Links to Read Alouds!!!

My daughter loves going to these 5 virtual classrooms to choose whatever story she likes!!!! It's so much fun!!! Mo Willems is her favorite!!!  There is a Katie Woo room, Pete the Cat room, Pinkalicious room, Mo Willems room, and Dr. Seuss room. These are great for distance learning, homeschoolers, young readers, or if you just want to encourage your little one to read more.

To get these rooms visit Ms Halle's Things

Monday, August 3, 2020

Preparing for Distance Learning

  I never thought in a million years as a teacher that I would be teaching from home nor did I ever think that all those technology courses I learned early on would have any use in my classroom. Over the summer I have taken several more courses on delivering and monitoring instruction with online tools. It's really has been a great learning experience.
   In my last meeting with my colleagues we were told that in case we are asked to go home again that we could create a digital classroom. Also, they suggested how cool it would be to create a Bitmoji of ourselves. So first, I downloaded the Bitmoji app and started to create myself. It was so much fun. So here's some pics of Bitmoji in action. First, you need to go to your play store and download Bitmoji. Then in a few steps it shows you how to create you.

Why Your Bitmoji Looks So Much Like Your Actual Face

Next, all you have to do is add Bitmoji as an extension on your laptop or desktop. This is key if you work mostly on one of those devices because, it will allow you to add your avatar to anything you are working on. For example, while I'm writing this blog, I can click on my extension and add my avatar to this post. Here's my avatar in different poses. LOL!
Bitmoji ImageBitmoji Image Bitmoji Image Bitmoji Image Bitmoji Image

So you see, it's really easy and there's so many poses to choose from. After I created my avatar, I went to Google Slides and started on my classroom. The first thing I made or found was a background. You can also create one if you like. All you need is a light color for a wall and a darker color for the floor. like these: