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Monday, December 14, 2020

Education is Evolving

 The last time I was here I talked about reinventing yourself and embracing, "The New." Well I have done just that and more. For me the new was really about coming out of my comfort zone. One of my comfort zones for a long time has been about asking others for help. Another one was my inhibition to meet new people.  One thing is true: We live in a world where there are millions of billions of people. Think about that for  a moment. Do you know anyone that lives outside of your country. I know of many people that live outside of the United States. The problem is that I had no communication or interaction with them. But that is drastically changing.

     So since my last post, I started a new Facebook Group that encouraged creating digital educational resources. We now have 1400+ members and growing and I have met so many people who are passionate about education and really love to create. They are from all over the planet. I have met and been communicating with a huge diversification of people since the start of the group. We have so much in common yet we have so many different talents to bring to the table. That's what really makes it so special and so unique. We all have our niche. I don't know about them but I'm always at the edge of my seat wondering what fabulous creation they are going to come up with next. We all have our day jobs which is great but in the group you can take off your labels and just create. You don't have to create what's next in your curriculum at school or the basal. You can just create and have fun with it.

We are evolving and there's nothing to do about it. Just go with the flow. I see teachers and administrators fighting against it everyday for whatever reasons. One thing I will never regret doing and that is joining others with the same mentality. Every time I engage with others who are forward thinking, I learn something new. I am also empowered by others who see the same greatness in me that I see in them. I even hosted my first webinar today. It was scary because, it's new and I  have never done it before. I had a few glitches but I was able to get past it. I don't regret any of it. I used to hold all my ideas and passions inside. Now I don't have to do that anymore. I feel that anything is possible now. I literally think of an idea, find the means to create it, and do it. 

   I know now that if I want total engagement, interaction, and cooperation from my students, my delivery has to change. I plan to create more digital products and find ways my students can be actively engaged in my lessons. Near Pod and several other platforms allow this type of engagement as well as Google Suite for Educators. I also started my training to be Google trained. I am at level 1 but in a few months I plan to become a facilitator. The sky is the limit and I plan to fly as high as I can go.

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